“Life nor Germ”- An Untold Story of Rana Plaza

The concept of “Life nor Germ” came into my mind while I was in the rescue team as a volunteer. I have gone through a distress moment with many victims & survivors of Rana Plaza. Some of the survivors told me what actually happened at that time and how they survive. Though most of the stories did not come into the light and mass people do not know the untold story of Rana Plaza.

“Imagine a second without labor,
your lifestyle will be faded”

The script has been developed in such a way that it can be understandable universally. As this story is about Rana Plaza but the audience will be introduced with an interesting character named “Mamun”.

“Life nor Germ” is a fictional movie in genre. The lead character is usually a general garment worker who worked at 9 storied building in Rana Plaza. He had so many memories with his family and also his co-workers. Besides, he had an inhumane moment with his line manager. In some sequence, the lead character will find the chance to escape from that wreck building. The ending part of this film has been handed over to the audience.

The ultimate vision of this film is nothing but to make awareness among all people who wear cloth to think about those workers who make a person wonderful.



As our film is based on a true incident, we will shoot the film by preserving the authenticity of that incident. This film will based on the incident of Rana Plaza collapse in 2013 but that one story will describe the worldwide distress of the laborers who are always neglected by us. We will try to shoot the film with a view to raise a self realization among the viewers that how the labors are being treated worldwide, how they are sacrificing for us, why we should think for them and most importantly, how all of us are being a silent witness of this crime.

Camera work and rhythm is a very crucial part in our film. The way we will choose to shoot that has to affect and touch our audience emotions. For example, the camera is panning through a dark room and suddenly stops on an object. At that point, only an old cell phone’s screen light will show the scenario of the whole place and the person who is holding the cell phone. After that the audience understands that it was not a room only, it is a collapse building and also how miserably that parson is trying to save his life.

The film, Life nor Germ is not only a film but also a reflection of that actual incident.

Each time your camera will change angle in the scene, it will change the audience attention and they will able to find new sight to see the sufferings of a labor life. Audience will able to feel the pain of those laborers who have sacrifices their life to fulfill our need of new cloths.

Sound effects will also play a big role in our movie. On the very beginning of the film there will be a pin drop silence that will represent a disconsolate environment also the silence of the those laborers who are always ill treated and face those inhuman behaviors. Further, there will be some soft music that can better play with the emotion of the audiences. We will also use foley sound effects to make some scenes more realistic.

In the film one character will present the whole story. There will be some supportive characters but they will appear for a few minutes on the screen. As the incident held in Bangladesh, one Bangladeshi actor will be able to handle those emotions more appropriately. This is why we choose the actor from Bangladesh.
We will like to present the actor as like as a simple laborer of Bangladesh, who work in a garment factory of Rana Plaza along with his wife.  

Shakor Ahmed

Writer & Co-Director, LifenorGerm Film

A filmmaker, writer and a development worker.

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The Shakor Ahmed & Valerie Knill film is based on the #RanaPlaza collapse which took place on April 24th 2013 where 1,134 people were killed and over 2,500 were injured. #Bangladesh.