It is time to encourage people to think about the laborers who make the clothes for them.

We who live in the western world are used to the fact that the clothes we wear, the things we buy for our daily life, are made by laborers, often under terrible working conditions.

We may feel guilty, but we also feel as individuals powerless to change something about it. We go on with our lifestyle, get used to it and it’s easy to put it aside or even forget about it.

One thing that makes it easy for us to live like that is the way how we get the informations.The fates of those workers are seen as numbers and statistics in newspapers. It’s far away and rarely connected to individual people. It seems to be unreal, something that happens in an other world with other rules which are very different from ours.

But we need to be aware of the fact, that it is happening in this world, the same world that we live in, it happens to people with faces and individual stories. People like us. People with potential, talents and interests.

A woman holding her sister’s working card, ascertaining she was working at Rana Plaza. Her body hasn’t been found yet and her family hasn’t received the due compensation.

With a fiction film you get entertained and build up an emotional connection to the characters and so also to the situation they are putted in.

Rana Plaza is a symbol for all the factories where millions of people still make clothes under dangerous working conditions.

It is time to encourage people to think about the laborers who make the clothes for them.

To show solidarity and support.

Our movie is based on the true events of the Rana Plaza tragedy. It tells the story of one worker, a story that at the same time encompasses the fate of many.

There is a deeper meaning behind the Rana Plaza incident. For us, the meaning is that the workers are not safe in their workplace, they are not treated as humans with rights and dignity.
Many people lost their arms, legs or hands in the… of the Rana Plaza building. They will not be able to work again and earn money for themselves or their families. Apart from the physical injuries there is a lot of mental pain. People are traumatized, they fear for their lives and their beloved ones. They experienced that their lives are worth less than the clothes they are producing.


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The Shakor Ahmed & Valerie Knill film is based on the #RanaPlaza collapse which took place on April 24th 2013 where 1,134 people were killed and over 2,500 were injured. #Bangladesh.