Thoughts and Views of Roosmarie & Chantal

Roosmarie Ruigrok & Chantal Aimée Ehrhardt visited Bangladesh to meet new people and convene more information on Bangladeshi Culture. Though Rosemarie has visited Bangladesh for several times but for Chantal, this is the first time.

Roosmarie Ruigrok is the Founder and Owner of Clean&Unique, a supply chain & textile expert from Netherland who leads eight SMEs in Bangladesh. Here she is working on women empowerment, especially women entrepreneurship in a social environment. Apart from that, currently Roosmarie is providing CSR Inclusive training to create an effective awareness and transparency in the fashion industry. She believes by her own experiences, that by creating an effective awareness & proper transparency can sustain the creators and producers of the fashion industry. Roosmarie is working for more than 30 years in the textile industry. Before moving to CSR she worked 5 years as a buyer and was owner for 10 years of Promax, Corporate Fashion.


On the other hand, Chantal Aimée Ehrhardt is an artist and photographer who loves to express herself through colourful outfits. Talking with her, we came to know that she is interested in the women and men behind our clothes. She likes to meet garment workers and interview and photograph them so she can share their stories with people in the Netherlands. She believes fashion has the power to improve the lives of the people that make our clothes.


On the pleasant evening of March 24, 2017; Team Life nor Germ Film had a chance to meet both of them in Bangladesh. Our team was excited to meet such individuals, who have interest in both the fashion industry and the art industry. They shared their feelings and thoughts about our film and upcoming projects. Also they expressed their concern and the way of overcoming the labour safety issue. Roosmarie said that

“The lesson for safety should be started from school. If we educate our children to be more aware of safety everywhere, then we can build a better world to live in”.

 As our film is all about fashion industry, Chantal advised us that how we can achieve our goal and showed us the path to execute it. She is such a bundle of motivation and humble person that in the mid of our conversation, she said

“It’s great that you are making this film, I believe that lots of people are interested to see this story”.

Both of the sophisticated ladies ensured that they will be always with the Team Life nor Germ to achieve the ultimate goal of this film.


Industries are one of the main powerhouses of most of the country’s economy nowadays. To ensure the maximum outcome of those industries, labor safety often meets degradation. Roosmarie & Chantal both were concerned and seemed enthusiast about working in this field. Our team is blessed and honored to have such monumental personalities as well-wisher and advisor. Their words may seem little to them but it was enough for the team to start our works with new actuation. We also hope Bangladesh unfold her true beauty before them.

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